Strategic Aviation is a leading airlift solution company that develops new and emerging markets for safe and reliable life support services capitalizing on local expertise while optimizing global logistics. Strategic Aviation was created by industry experts who came together to define a new standard for global aviation solutions.

Since 2013, Strategic Aviation has provided customized aviation services, logistics, and risk analysis to people pursuing progress around the world. We are equipped to provide the highest-quality specialized air transportation services to our clients. Strategic Aviation was created to bring a new nimble, agile approach to powering the most challenging missions and meaningful projects around the globe.

We fill an unmet need: customized aviation and logistics services in the world’s most austere environments. Our solutions are tailored to our clients’ needs throughout the process: we match machine to mission, coordinate an elite set of world-class partners, and provide the integrated operational support necessary to ensure success.

Our global team of elite specialists and experienced problem solvers believes in the opportunity to further economic development and progress in remote or rebuilding communities. We create new connections where no scheduled service currently exists. Our mission is to make remote sites accessible, transport essential personnel, and provide critical transportation logistics in some of the most difficult, dangerous, and remote places in the world.

Our Team believes in providing safe and reliable air logistics to power the missions that matter in the world. We are a small company with big ideas, a selfless demeanor, “can do” attitude, and entrepreneurial spirit. Our team contributes meaningfully in form and function to the mission of our company and to the greater good of our global projects.

Mission Statement

Strategic Aviation’s mission is to provide the safest, most efficient, most effective, and most trusted aviation services around the world, including its most challenging AORs. We rely on our expertise and our assets to provide tailored solutions for our clients, and combine the right machine, personnel, security systems, and operational support for a successful mission, every time.

Our Core Values


We see risk differently, so we mitigate risk better


We go above and beyond, to find a way or make one

Collaborative Teamwork

We are passionately committed to our clients’ missions and projects


We believe in being leaders in our field, by holding ourselves and those we work with to a higher standard of behavior


We treat everyone as a VIP


We help our clients grow and seek to have positive effects on communities