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Iraq Dedicated Airlift Program

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Dedicated Air Transport in the Middle East

Strategic Aviation has operated daily flights in Iraq since June, 2015, as part of a US Government Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program that focuses on establishing F-16 capacity within the Iraqi Air Force.

We designed and delivered a custom airlift program that provided safe flights for passengers and cargo, including short-notice evacuations and critical MEDEVAC flights.

Strategic Aviation overcame unpredictable geopolitics, challenging local logistics, and FAA restrictions blocking US carriers from operating in Iraq to provide mission-specific aircraft and operations, comprehensive maintenance, and a dedicated supply chain logistics network.

Key Highlights

  • 99.78% Mission Completion Rate (MCR)
  • 2,895 Safe Flight Hours, with No Accidents
  • 58,927 Passengers,
  • 3,172,692 lbs of Baggage, and
  • 25,901 lbs of Cargo Transported